Symptoms of Asbestosis

What To Look For

Inhaling asbestos fibers will eventually cause scarring to the lungs of some people, and results in a number of symptoms. These could include:

  • shortness of breath – this may only occur after physical activity at first, but it can eventually become a more constant problem
  • a persistent cough, wheezing and fatigue
  • chest pains, tightness around the chest area
  • in advanced cases, swollen hands and fingertips

People diagnosed now were exposed years or even decades ago before regulations were in place, with exposure in the workplace and in homes.

It is important to see your GP if any symptoms are noticed or if you think there is a chance you were exposed in any way in the past.

Treating Asbestosis

Cancer Related Lung Diseases

Once there is damage to the lungs caused by asbestos fiber ingestion, there is no cure as it is not possible to reverse lung damage.

One of the first things you can do if you are suffering from asbestosis is to stop smoking. Symptoms are known to worsen for smokers, and can even increase the chances of lung cancer in people with asbestosis.

Treatments can include oxygen therapy as an aid to improving quality of life, and alleviate the suffering of asbestosis sufferers.


Highly Skilled Asbestos Removal Contractors

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