Registered Asbestos Remover

In terms of the Asbestos Regulations act, any person who intends to carry out demolishing of asbestos work must be a Registered Asbestos Remover Contractor before commencing with demolition work. “Registered Asbestos Contractor” means a mandatory or employer conducting demolition of asbestos work, who is registered with the chief inspector.

ARAC is as a registered asbestos remover contractor and has the following appointments or designations in place as stipulated:

First Aider; Health and Safety Representatives (irrespective of the number of workforce); Construction Supervisor; Competent person in termS of General Machinery Regulation 

The persons appointed/designated in terms of the Act at ARAC Asbestos Removal Accredited Contractor are all fully trained and informed of their responsibilities and authorities. They are knowledgeable of the subject of Asbestos and the regulations.  All ARAC staff acknowledge that they were fully trained and informed of the hazards, responsilities and authorities.


The applicable qualifications and proof of experience of the supervisor appointed to supervise the demolition work at ARAC Asbestos Removal Accredited Contractors has been submitted together with his appointment letter. The information provided clearly demonstrates the supervisor’s competence to deal with asbestos and supervise the demolition work.
Details of contactable references have also been submitted to support our asbestos removal experience in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.
ARAC Asbestos Removal Accredited Contractor has on hand an up to date schedule showing the scope of training for new and existing staff. This has been submitted and filed at the Department of Labour’s provincial offices, and has been approved by inspectors conducting inspections at ARAC. This is important to ensure that all our workers are trained continuously. We are fully committed to achieving our training objectives in asbestos removal and disposal at all times.
ARAC Asbestos Removal Accredited Contractor has the knowledge and experience of the person providing training as stipulated in the regulation Act.


A schedule of the type of equipment that is used by ARAC Asbestos Removal Contractor giving the following information is registered and approved. This covers:

Personal protective equipment

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Type of the respiratory protective equipment;
Approved by CI/ homologated by SABS;
Approved for protection against asbestos fibres, Scope of approval for respiratory protection against asbestos fibres having a time weighted average exposure limit not less than 0,2 mg/m3; and 

Personal protective clothing

Protective clothing provided by ARAC to be used during asbestos removal procedures include safety helmets, steel toe-capped protective footwear, eye/face protection suitable one-piece plastic overalls complete with elasticized cuffs and trouser bottoms and hoods with draw string around the face.

Equipment used for demolition

All equipment used by ARAC as a registered asbestos remover on all asbestos demolition sites include a suitable vacuum cleaner with capacity and efficiency as stipulated; the necessary tools to be used ; approved and adequate injection system; as well as all other tools and equipment, submitted and filed with the Department.


ARAC as a registered asbestos remover contractor has on file at the Department an approved disposal method as well as our control measures to prevent asbestos contamination of the environment with asbestos waste.


ARAC has fully specified the scope of work that will be covered as an asbestos removal contractor, that has been submitted and approved by the Department.


The Department of Labour has approved the registration of ARAC as a fully accredited Asbestos Removal Contractor. It has recognised that ARAC fully meets the requirements for all aspects of asbestos removal, demolition and disposal.

This is in recognition that ARAC complies with all aspects to be a Registered Asbestos Contractor and complies with the Occupational Health and safety Act(Act 85 of 1993) and these requirement for registration. 


ARAC has extensive experience in demolition and asbestos removal from years of experience in the building industry. Our areas of expertise are represented in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. With offices in Cape Town, as well as Richards Bay, ARAC as an Accredited Asbestos Removal Contractor is an approved asbestos removal expert that operates in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Richards Bay, as well as surrounding areas.

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